Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist John Kehl (pron. /kel/) spent many years as a music teacher before getting back into songwriting as a New Year’s resolution.  Quirky lyrics, groove, and weird guitar are hallmarks of his style, having grown up listening to 60’s electric-era Miles Davis and 90’s grunge and indie bands.  The result is a type of genre-fluid alternative rock that combines tunefulness with dissonance, the poetic with the prosaic, and irony with sincerity. 

The debut Oodles EP, "Life After Death", is about transition and change, spanning topics from love to death to the effect metaphysical concepts can have on our psyche.   The songs were written early in the morning and recorded late at night in John’s home studio, with John playing and singing most of the parts (17 instruments in all).  Watch for Life After Death on Bandcamp on August 6, 2021 and on streaming platforms, amazon, and youtube August 13, 2021.


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